You Win?

I haven’t one picture of him to gaze over in my bereavement.
She confiscated every last printed photograph of my baby boy.
No birth, no newborn, no gaping smiles just for me from my lovely Jeffrey James. No toddler, preschooler making mud pies, kicking through rain puddles, catching frogs. No pictures of my sunshine, my world.
No kindergarten walk to bus stop, holding hands. No front doorstep photo every first day of the school year. No strawberry blond, no freckled face beaming toward me God’s every Grace.
In her hateful, crooked, illegal eviction of me last month, I sat watching in horror. Crippled in my wheelchair, while
Dr. Joslin B. Leasca, MSN, DNP, FNP, CNL, CNE, Professor of Nursing Studies at #Sacred Heart University College of Nursing

hypocritical healthcare, self promoting do-gooder, South Kingstown ‘SMART’ Committee Loud Mouth ordered every last photograph of my now deceased only child to be confiscated to destinations only to be imagined.
When I informed her of his demise last week and her satanic actions, she called the South Kingstown police with a false report of me being a danger to myself. They showed up last night with high intensity flashlights glaring through my windows as I ate my dinner trying to rest, grieve in peace.
‘Open the door!’ ‘Open the door!’
‘Why are you here?’
‘Just doing a wellness check.’
‘I don’t need you, who sent you?’
‘Dispatch. Open the door!’
‘No. I won’t open the door. Go away. I don’t need you. Leave the premises. You’re not needed here.’
And they left.
FYI Dr. Jacca, Suicide Is Not On My Radar. So get that out of your head.
Jeff lived every level of hell since he was an adolescent and still never offed himself.
I will honor his life by continuing mine.

As a grief stricken mother it finally occurred to me to outright asked her through a FB message what she did with my photos,

“what did you do with all of my photo albums of my beautiful boy? 😭😫😩😱”

This was her response:

“I’ve had enough of you. You were in that apartment for about 4 hours when the constable and movers were moving your belongings You had every opportunity to tell them to retrieve the box of mementos that you had stuffed the eves covered in rotten food and garbage. Apparently that’s how much they meant to you. I found them when I had a demolition crew in there removing the mice and squirrels you had been feeding through the windows you smashed out, apparently that’s how much those photo albums meant to you. They have been sent to the storage facility where your belongings are. Don’t ever contact me again.”

Apparently after becoming aware of this very written article she contacted me again in a FB message,

“When this blog is taken down I will agree to release your box from Jones Storage. Until then I do not agree to release the box. Your alternative is to pay all of your belongings and remove them all from storage.”

My beloved boy is gone.

Now what,

Dr. Joslin B. Leasca, MSN, DNP, FNP, CNL, CNE, wise woman who preaches ethics and healthcare standards to young minds,

You win?

All quotes directly from Facebook Messenger exchange between myself and Joslin Leasca as can be found in their eternal archive.

Revised 1.21.2021

N.B. Wilde