Perchance To Discover

We first encounter Asa and Delilah spending their childhoods running carefree through a village of the Green Mountains. June of 1919 witnessed both their births.

Asa is a mischievous, strong willed boy. Sinewy and strong like his father, he plays the hunter warrior to Delilah’s slightly more introverted nature. She, slim of build, long dark hair, almond brown eyes, courageous and daring in the rugged mountainous environment. Steadily they grow alongside each other.

Best of friends even after nature intervenes whence without ado, they marry. After many long childless years they take in an orphaned child, Caleb. Caleb, a blessing practically raises himself. He completes the expected grades and moves to New York where he finds steady work on the docks. Although grateful, Caleb’s visits are infrequent.

In efforts avoid the loneliness of their fate, Asa and Delilah decide to become a couple of old-age runaways.

Asa sets the atlas on the kitchen table after supper as Delilah clears the plates. He plots out the adventure. The first leg their journey of a lifetime will set sail the following week from Boston Harbor. Delilah can’t wait to tell Nellie and the ladies at the General Store!

On September 4, 1873 Asa and Delilah set sail perchance to discover new worlds. Delilah delights in the adventure of each new culture they happen upon. Asa grows increasingly concerned as time seems to warp aboard ship. Upon entering each new port they discover that they’ve traveled across years, decades and eventually a century. While cradled in the ships cabin, sleeping soundly it happens. They reach the age of one hundred years old.

July, 2019 sees the last leg of their trip. They awaken to an unrecognizable world where up is down and down is up.

Asa rushes above deck with his compass which displays east as west, west as east. South, north. North, south.

Delilah, looking at her wedding ring witnesses left as right, right as left.

In the lauder, empty is full, full is empty.

Confused yet hopeful for an explanation they go ashore in Port Richie. They find no easy answers.

Life is all thumbs. Like is dislike, dislike is like.

Stranger is friend, friend is stranger. And they all like each other. Until they don’t. Then they unlike.

Noon is midnight, midnight is noon.

Silence is noisy, noisy is silence.

Hot is not too warm. Hot is beautiful.

Beauty is not to behold.

Safety is danger and danger is safe.

Good is evil, evil is good.

Straight is crooked, crooked is straight.

They seem to have overtaken the country.

Delilah and Asa feel truly homesick for the first time in their lives.

“Let’s board ship.” said Delilah. “Head for home.“

“Oh, now Delilah. “ replied Asa. “Time to find our land legs. We can’t keep running away without giving things a chance. Word has it that they’ve torn down the old village anyway. Planted a crop called Wolemort. Say their shootin’ aye-are-fortie somethin’ or others. Mad folks go to let off steam.”

Delilah begins to sob softly as Asa takes her hand in his. He leads her toward a sign which reads “Mall” for a bite to eat.

“Let’s get you indoors Delilah, where we know it’s safe.”

“Asa, I want to go home where the world makes sense. This place called TooONyntene is nothing but pure crazy.”

Hand in soft, wrinkled hand Asa and Delilah amble toward the random public building.

They walk each other not home, but further into the present.

We watch as together our two age-old inadvertent time travelers light upon our collective mistaken moment.