Never, Dr. Joslin B. Leasca, MSN, DNP, FNP, CNL, CNE, wise woman who preaches ethics and healthcare standards to young minds.

Not even if you continue to call in false police reports to the South Kingstown Police Department dispatcher regarding my health status. Which, by the way, you know nothing about.
Not even if the cops continue to appear at my door, banging like there’s a fire I need to be rescued from. Demanding that I,
“Open the door!”
“Open the door!”
By the way, I did not and will not.
Not even if said cop happens to accidentally let slip a mention of, “trespassing at 258 Kettle Pond Rd. South Kingstown.” A completely false police report called in by you, Dr. Joslin B. Leasca, MSN, DNP, FNP, CNL, CNE. By the way, false police reports are a CRIME in most municipalities, punishable by law.
Not even if the police officer banging his fists and demanding to be let in is a lifelong friend of your daughter. As well as a well-publicized social media friend of yours. Not even if you continue to create new filthy, dirty tactics in your vendetta and harassment of me. All because Beverly Ulvila doesn’t like me. More than slightly “seventh grade” behavior, Jacca.
I will never remove, “You Win?”
Because it’s every word the truth.
Because you continue to victimize me.
Because my very recently departed one and only child, Jeffrey James Bouchard would be utterly ashamed of me if I caved to your pressure. Because he was, for his entire life, proud that he had a Mom who stood tall and strong for what was right.
Because he would never, in all eternity, condone me rescinding,
“You Win?”.
So, go ahead, Jacca.
Claim your crooked little crown. Parade it proud through the crooked little town.