The One And Only Key

Today I walked along the shore
hoping to quell a rage so strong it caused a primitive roar.
And the cold Atlantic rose, tossed, agitated and churned.
Yet it could not douse the flames which burned
within my bilious gut that turned
each time your hideous actions returned
to memory.
New horrors to be learned.
Just when I thought it was going to stop
you informed me the bus was still on top
the one that you pushed over me
as you shoved me under, washing your hands, thinking you were free.
Sixteen years came and went.
Guilt by omission, manipulation you expertly circumvent.
When will you ever see,
to the matter, to the soul, to the head and to the heart,
It was then, as it is now and will always be,
I who hold the one and only key.

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