If You Go

If you go
go for me
go for us
go for them
go with love for humanity.
Stand tall
Stand quiet
Go and stand your ground
When they push against your body
or worse, against your cause,
remember to take pause.
Resist their efforts non-violently.
Stand still
Walk gently
Stand strong
Speak softly
Whisper if you must.
Do your ancestors proud.
Never stop your devotion to what is right and just.
Speak, sit, march, stand, sing, write, vote, starve,
art your voice aloud.
Rally ’round the globe.
Lie down on sacred ground.

Remember you are merely part of the whole.
Remember freedom’s vow.
Remember me, remember them, remember to return to us,
if you up and go.

NB Wilde

June 2, 2020

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