What Will Define You Tomorrow?

A dear, kind-hearted friend offered to pick up groceries for me over the weekend. I had a short list which she filled without complaint. We met at a local park where she placed them safely in my possession and surprisingly said, “Pay it forward.”
We then safely walked our dogs. With her Bentley and my Red between us we strolled and discussed the sadness we felt over the current social climate. We shared a couple of laughs also, because this is what we do.
While talking with another dear friend and neighbor who called to ‘check up’, I happened to mention that my TV hasn’t had a picture since last October when it fell off it’s stand. “But, the sound works great and listening to the news is indeed shocking.” I did also mention that I stream much of the news on my phone. We talked about family, three of which in hers are in question of having “the virus”. That in itself was shocking. I know all of them well and have spent many holidays in their fine company.
Cathy and I bid a telephone farewell with hopes of walking together soon.
I don’t have cable or internet but I am up to the nano-second with the news.
The first thing the following morning, she texted me saying that she and Bill have an extra TV and would I like to use it. ” We can’t believe you can’t even see what’s going on! We’ll bring it over and drop it on the back porch.”
I said, “Oh my God. Yes, Cathy, thank you!.”
I have reached out to family, friends and neighbors. In my large family I have more than one first degree relative who is high risk with multiple underlying medical issues. I’m concerned daily about losing them.
We have some who have already lost their jobs and are dangling by a thread of financial hope.
I feel helpless in helping them.

I do have humble hopes that through the sharing of my photographs and my written word, I’m able to lift the spirit of at least a few.

I’m a former operating room nurse so I’m well educated about infection control and how to implement it.
I’m well aware of how to triage. The tragedy of real life and death triage.

And I’ve gone through some lengthy dogged hard times. Hard enough to know that when the chips are down as they are today for ALL of us,
We need to prioritize each other as we go about prioritizing ourselves.

There is no room for infighting.
No place for grudges.
No time for narrow mindedness.

It is clear.
These may be our last moments.
Yes, even you.
Do we spend them quarrelling over perceived past transgressions?
Obsessing about trivial backyard matters amidst a global disaster?
Inflicting deliberate hurt upon our neighbors who kindly extended offers to help? Such as what happened to me today? I want to believe better.
In a time such as this, these are actions that reflect a hopelessness in humankind.
Indeed, the pressure of what is wrought upon us by the coronavirus may be exposing serious fraying of a certain moral fabric.

And tears burn down my cheeks.

This is, for each and every one of us, our defining moment.

What defines you today?
What will define you tomorrow?

NB Wilde

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