Forever looking to improve my photographic skills with new and old subjects. Ultimate goal: humans! How complicated.

All my life I’ve wished to share my appreciation of the world’s simple, astounding beauty. Nature and the nature of things.
My son, as an infant, toddler, child was a willing photographic subject for my ever ready lense. But sons are sometimes lost and a mothers creativity suddenly goes dormant for what seems like forever.
Serendipitously, I discovered it again in a new camera and a pen a few years ago.
Combined with writing and a recently adopted, four legged friend, I am now and again passionately appreciating and sharing.
The things I see out of doors on a hike or a stroll, the things I love are no small things. They are indeed grande!
For the fresh experience of introducing a naive rescue dog to an ocean beach,
for sharing smiles and names
and stories and talk
of the unimaginable and the what would be small
for the sheer love of the the newness of a brusque January day in the middle of it all,
I have loved this day.



#Daily Post

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