Red The Rescue Dog

A letter to his foster family in Byron, Georgia.

Dear Misty,
Red is the best dog I’ve ever had!
Yesterday I took him to Narragansett Beach for his first ever look at an ocean. It’s safe there, far from traffic with few distractions. We started working on recall training. Within less than five minutes he had it down pat. Of course plenty of treats helped! This is a huge, expansive ocean beach where he could have bolted had he wanted to. I kept him close and he stayed with me either by choice or training. No matter, he was well within reach always.
Red hasn’t a single negative behavior. He walks well on leash, gets along well with other dogs and enchants humans at first sight. He wags his tail as he approaches then politely sits close, smiling up at their eyes, waiting to be petted. He hasn’t met a resistor yet.
Every morning Red waits patiently at the door to go out. He won’t tinkle in the yard and only poops deep in the woods!
Today out in the cold December air, we were recall training in the meadow by the salt marsh. We came to a tidal stream we’ve rock-stepped before at low tide. The in-training, off leash Red dog from inland Georgia climbed down the embankment. He walked right into the waist deep water and SWAM across! Then he stood and waited on the other side, shocked as to what the hell had happened to him! I called and called to him because he didn’t want to cross it again. But he stayed with me and eventually SWAM back, running full gallop, laughing all the way. I could easily, but not pleasantly, have walked into the five foot across creek to rescue him if necessary. But I guess the retriever in him shone through after all. He shook the excess brackish off as we hiked home, not at all fazed by his aquatic adventure.
This little dog called Red is ever the snuggle pup. He’s my constant companion. He is adjusting beautifully to his new home in New England.
Red The Rescue Dog.

He is heaven-sent in a warm bundle of smooth red fur and soft brown eyes.

But Misty, I have a question about the phrase “rescue dog”.
Who is it who rescues who?
Sincerely yours,

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