Twilight Call

Alighted aloft, near to the sky
we talked things over, dear soulmate and I

eavesdroppers flitted, swung, perched on a wire
between backdrop colors akin to fire

a white-throated sparrow, fat with feathers
heard the mundane, tomorrow’s weather

the red-tinged house finch tipped an inquisitive ear
your numerous jokes,
my laughter to hear

confounded male cardinal listened to the cost
as we spoke of the news, freedom soon lost

your advanced cancer, our mood took serious
feathered friends gathered, morbidly curious

the jay, bold in his avian way
stared me, teared me down, to my utter dismay

dear loving friend across wireless twilight wire
the birds, the autumn leaves,
the bluest blueness of the vast evening sky
every branch on every tree
along with me
delights in, admires
who sets the world afire.


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