A Letterer to The Weathitor

Dear Weathitor,🌦

I’m writing to you today
with an express complaint.
At the risk of causing the teacher to faint,
I’ve a few words and “Happy Birthday” they ain’t.
Concerning your hapless upkeep of our weather this Spring
up to and including this first day
of the month of May.
Statisticians display without delay
clear and plain,
their graphs
for the amount of rain
higher than the necks of giraffes.
Fallen from gloomy, low flying clouds.
Doling out headaches and blue mood bouts.
While I pursue new life’s wedged in colorful sprouts.🌷🐝🌻
Amidst all of this
I’m unable to grasp a grip.
Swaying on an unhinged swing, a New England springtime trip.
A tilt-a-whirl boom and bust.🎭
I beg of you, if I must
Hasten, dispatch summerer.
Or at least more sunnier.🌅
Sooner than laterer
so I’ll feel happier, 😎
and cease to be your seasonal harrier.
Yours trulier,

NB Wilderer

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