The Voice of The Wall

The sky is falling from the southern border
An emergency of national proportion
Rape, murder, dismemberment, disorder
Meth, heroin, fentanyl, cultural distortion
Immigrants, they’ll sneak it into your drinking water
Angst not my dear. For I am here.
I am the wall to be.
I must be built per executive order
Conceived of the God of the art of the deal,
I cannot wait to be born. All your fears, your wounds to heal.
I am the wall to be.
The concrete answer to all your prayers. A monument to my Dad, you see
Give up, for me. Nancy, Chuck
Five of thirty billion, please. No, you say? For the birth of me?
Surely you two are all flubbed duck
For I am the wall to be.
Chuck, Nancy stand your ground. Don’t brave the edges of borders of your minds
Never seek resolution to your stand-off of my birth. It’s all about not giving in, loyalty to the party, being still blind
I’ll sit limbo for as long it takes. For I am not yet a wall.
Only an idea on Capitol Hill, being bounced around like a ball
I ask of you, Dad, Auntie Nancy, Uncle Chuck
Am I, to remain forever a wall?
you refuse to be humbled to reconcile?
As millions of humans, hang in the balance, worry and toil
look and learn
how not to watch the sky as it falls?

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