Surely life is a test unplanned, a risk, an adventure, scarcely bland its tail has spun me round and round
inside out, topsy-turvy, upside down
on a well-planned path
they say is where
one should endeavor to stay
how banal
those words now seem to me
unknown escapades call to set me free
as curiosity tempts me away
at every turn I wander
put asunder, led astray
lost again yet I find my way
I’ve waded rivulets of crystal mountain stream, scaled precipitous rock cliff ledge
ascended to summits loftier than any dream
sobbed, trembling a hair’s breadth to the edge
forsaken my compass
romped and napped on smooth, warm, comforting sand
swam aqua blue oceans fetterless
Free from manacles of man and land
compass adrift, I’m forging forward, the spell is cast
Risk is inherent in moments as they pass
I no longer fancy mundane charted ground
Lost has indeed been the way
for me to be to be found

NB Wilde

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