Allow me please, to say that I’m not a feminist but neither did I ever wear a 1950’s housewife’s style apron. If pressed for an answer I’d say that a few feminists, on a couple of levels, have shot themselves in the foot.
Allow me also to mention that John Coparco, A.K.A, The Bear, stood six feet two and weighed in at around two hundred fifty pounds of bulk muscle. He was a formidable sparring partner for me in the 1970’s and was only one of a group of brown and black belts with whom I worked out five times a week in preparation for my increasing degrees of skill in the martial arts leading to my lifetime achievement of black belt. I was a single woman in a sweaty dojo in a worn out, grimy city. It was long before girls “exercised” in a space in any geographic proximity to men. I was known as a spitfire, a spark, who’d take even the best of ’em down. Nobody pulled his punches because I was a girl. Nobody harassed me, ever. I was given due and equal respect from my peers. I might also mention that I’m not a me-too-er.
For this essay, I may best be described as a humanist in the sense of having compassion, empathy, and concern for all human welfare, values, and dignity.
Now, to my point.
The news of the day is enough to inflame this black belt spitfire. It’s all about crimes of power and violence against victims less and less capable of defending themselves; frighteningly predatory like behavior.
How dare anyone say that the entertainer, Bill Cosby has been served justice?
Three to ten years in prison at age eighty-one after a full, illustrious career in America’s adoring spotlight vs. a lifetime of torturous, traumatic memories of sexual assault. How is that justice?
The President’s nominee for U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, now has four accusers of sexual misconduct. I venture to posture that for the sake of this essay they remain genderless because I’ve come to believe that in just hearing the word “women”, the accusations become less credible to many listeners. More specifically, anyone with a sexist slant. Let’s just call the accusers fellow human beings.
Judge Kavanaugh will be questioned under the bright lights by a time proven sex crimes prosecutor for a total of one day. One day. The very next day a vote will be held for him to be appointed to the highest court in the land, the U.S Supreme Court.
Priests, politicians, entertainers, newscasters, entrepreneurs, bishops, cops, fathers, even mothers. Is there anyone, save Mother Teresa who isn’t suspect for these offenses? I rarely watch T.V. and at times like this, what I glean from my online resources is more than enough to “make me cringe”.
In order to heal society’s ills, it is clear that we must first shine the bright lights on them and they keep them lit. Without light our gangrenous worldly wounds will continue to fester and spread. All victims need to know that they’ll be heard and believed and the sooner the better. All perpetrators must be flushed from their cowardly, secretive hiding places and have their feet held to the fire. The sooner, the better.
“He’ll HAVE to serve three years”. Regardless of his age or sate of health, lets remember he rendered victims helpless. How is that at least example of how not to behave if one doesn’t want to go to prison? How is that justice?
A man of highly questionable personal integrity with a possible history of repeated sexual misconduct; the current Supreme Court Justice nominee, a possible shoe in as of tomorrow with continued support from a likewise U.S. President.
Predatory behavior, crimes of power and violence are inhuman and inhumane.
Now, I ask of you;
How far must we regress while we so proudly put claim to progress?


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