A Dappled Morning

What I love about the Fall

Nothing. It signifies the end of summer. 😕

What I appreciate
about the Fall;
Colors of brilliance set against a sharpened cobalt sky
Crunching sounds underfoot as I trek along a wooded path
scattered with the regretful remnants of summer
The fragrance of redolent smoke from a wood burning fire
reminding me of Dad
raking, piling leaves shoulder deep,
setting them aflame while we danced our bikes around the fire
our play clothes absorbing the reminiscent, pungent smells of Autumn
Mom roasting the beef and potatoes
boiling up the peas and corn
velvety chocolate pudding
A veritable Sunday afternoon olfactory feast.
Shades of yellow, orange, red
exquisitely pointed geo shapes
twinkling through a dappled morning
Reading a great book by the window in the afternoon as they tumble
The birth of Jeffrey ❤
Long car rides, warm conversation with a good friend
on the way to nowhere to pick nothing
Eating too much of it on the way home
Cooking up a storm
Baking up some thunder
Firing up some lightning

What I love about the Fall;

Plenty to love.

Gratitude for every day after all.


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