A Harbinger Of Hope

As I thought about being a recipient of a random acts of kindness and writing about it I became more and more unsettled. You see, it’s not that kindness doesn’t occur, it most certainly does, but not on a scale where I think a newspaper would publish my story. At least not in my life, yet.
More than a few of kind actions have been bestowed upon me and a few come to mind. I’ll keep it short and tell you about the time a couple of years ago that I was at a seasonal pastry shop in Galilee, hungry, on my bike with no cash, only my credit card. After I placed my order the cashier said they only took cash. All I had was my card. A young man behind me in line carrying a small child, both wearing bathing suits, noticed the her telling me this. He immediately interceded and paid for my scone. As he handed over the cash he smiled and told me to enjoy my day. Some may think this was a small thing, but not I. He didn’t have to do it. He could’ve ignored the whole situation as I didn’t even notice him there. I clearly wasn’t going to starve to death without a scone. It wasn’t a great humanitarian effort. He wasn’t a philanthropist. There would be no tax write off. He was just a guy on the beach with his kid enjoying a summer day. It was a small random act of kindness. The scone wasn’t even that good. But it made my day, maybe even my week. Why, you may ask would such an occurrence make my day? Because it restored my faith in humanity. I pedaled away from that shop, that man and his child as witness with a deep sense that the world will be okay.
There have been multitudes of such seemingly insignificant random gestures of kindness in my life. I remember them because they count. Every one of them shocks me with new hope. They are the good news. Each one is a testimony to the good will among humans. In a world where we are in a continuously increasing dilemma of good vs. evil, this is no small thing. Any act of kindness, random or well planned, tiny, mediocre or grand, is a harbinger of hope for us all; a sign that there is good in the heart of humankind.
It is indeed, something to write home about. 9.13.18

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