Dear Summer

“Dear Summer,
Are you getting ready to leave already? But you just got here! We’ve hardly had a chance to catch up. How can you go so soon and take all of those daylight hours with you? And what about the warm temperatures? You promised to share them until the end of September and it’s only just into the second week. Why the cold shoulder all of a sudden? I hope you change your mind and decide to stay. We’ve shared so many good times together. So many warm memories with August, July, June and even May. Please, Summer, for just a couple more weeks, stick around. That’ll give us all a chance to get use to the idea of you leaving before you dash off into the night leaving us for another year.
I know Autumn is coming too, but you two always got along in the past at least in the beginning. Actually you can both stay here for a few days. You help Autumn get settled, we all catch up on each others lives and then you run along to wherever it is you’re going next. Australia, you say? That’s a long ways away; the other side of the world, but its your life, Summer.
Think it over. Sleep on it and get back to me tomorrow?
Love you Summer,

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