Assignment Z

Her cold brew was getting even colder as she read about the two fintech and biohacking companies she had to research for her next assignment which started yesterday. Predictive of her personality, however, haptics is what really caught her attention. That and the dude with the short man bun behind the bar. She was sitting in Cafe Mise En Place feeling somewhat hangry when she spotted him. She hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast and the running routine exacted its calories. Although she could choose any of the bougie restaurants uptown, this one with it’s menu offerings that used ingredients the likes of gochuchang was her fave. It was a progressive restaurant if ever there was one. They even included iftar. It sat on the edge of town, far enough from the tent city to keep her safe and under cover, yet humble, the way she liked it.
She kept one eye on and off the slightly latinx looking man bun guy and figured he was probably not much more than a rando hophead. Maybe all about his generation z soccer coaching and bingeable Netflix series life of torment and dozens of Instagram fans. She’d wait for her encrypted text from Z back at headquarters before zeroing in.
She continued reading and sipping, occasionally glancing and then, Ping! Z ‘s message was clear. Man bun was her guy. To engage him, she decided to order a marg. Then changed her mind and asked for a mocktail, an appetizer of guac and some zoodles al dente. He told her his name was Marcus and said he liked her long brown hair, she was just adorbs.
She smiled back at him fingering the outer rim of her glasses, leaning in, resting her elbow on the bar and crossing her lean runners legs. “Hi, I’m Bridget”, she said. Then she keyed into her tablet, “TL;DR, (too long; didn’t read) pressed force quit, snapped a pic of his big hazel eyes, texted it off to Z with a hard “Yes” and put her phone on airplane mode for the rest of the evening.
“This assignment might have more than a few kicks in it after all.” She speculated.

A fictional scene written using twenty five of the new words Merriam-Webster is adding to the Dictionary in 2018


fintech, biohacking, predictive, haptics, Mise En Place, hangry bougie, gochuchang, fave, iftar, tent city, latinx, random, hophead, generation z, bingeable, Instagram, marg, mocktail, guac, zoodles, adorbs, TL;DR, force quit, airplane mode


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