It Was That Kind Of Day

Newburyport, MA.

OMG Newburyport!
It was that kind of day.
I’d venture up north to see what all the buzz was about not knowing that the town was abustle with their Annual Yankee Homecoming Days Festival.
A more polite crowd I could never have hoped for. My hiking friend, Steve Pressley was there with Julie and her dog Mika. I ran into them on the sidewalk in the middle of the crowd, twice!
With little trouble parking on what I also didn’t know was the “outskirts”, I jaunted into the town center via one of the beautiful rail trails and learned of the festivities from a fellow walker. “Can’t be much.”, I thought as we walked.
How wrong I was! There was live entertainment of every kind on a couple of different stages as well as street performers of all ages. There was food, food, more food. Restaurants; open air, indoors, food trucks, vendors, you name its, what have yous. Scents and sounds to set your mouth watering and your ears swooning.
The waterfront, was plentiful with serene, pristine, parks, walkways, shade trees and gardens, all spacious, accessible and free. Yes free! It was so relaxing you could just close your eyes and take an afternoon nap. It was that kind of day. And dog friendly; yes, very dog friendly! The dogs were as well behaved as their people.
Like I said, a more civil crowd I couldn’t have hoped for.
Plum Island was another level of heaven. My arrival was coincidental with the outgoing moon tide. This created a turbulence at the sandbars and tide pools by the mouth of the Merrimack River which proved utter joy, a treat for fisherman, swimmers and waders alike; natures original waterpark.
At Newburyport Town Beach as the sun began to set, lovers and lovers of life quietly observed the wondrous changing light, the deepening of colors, the July Full Blood Moon rise. The night folded closely around us all as we began a sensational silvery mid-summer’s Newburyport dream.

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