The Fourth Of July

The Fourth Of July

Shed all guilt on slothful summer days. You’ve earned your keep through winter’s Nor’easter craze

Sizzling heated summer nights and days, a perfect excuse if you choose to indulge your laze

Bring your book umbrella too
or find a tree, limbs filled with leafy green shade to comfort you

Parades of horns and drums and laughing clowns entice a smile, be glad you walked that extra mile

A mountain hike may be just the thing. Wade through crystal clear stream of water gently sparkling

Beach, pool or boating bring sunscreen galore
go for a swim but stay close to shore

Family, friends, pets and you
your loved ones, your little ones, your elders, your friends and lovers, your in-betweens too

We’ll eat and drink and laugh out loud while having a summer barbecue

hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, watermelon, strawberry shortcake, ice cream
okay, just for today day be a slob

plenty of soda and beer in the freezer case
todays not the day to watch your waist

decide to stay longer for just a while

Neon lights of explosive fire
dazzle the night

concussive boom time
thunderous delight

Time to celebrate

Summer’s today
in the here and now

I applaud each crazy, lazy, hazy day

as at the end of each precious July minute
she curtsies with pride and takes her bow.


Happy 4th of July to everyone! My favorite holiday of the year. Be joyful, have fun, be safe.

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