Light-Long Summer Days

There are few things more comforting than the natural blanket of warm summer air enveloping you on a summer evening. As the sun set over the Elizabeth Island chain last night, my companion and I along with a few random ferry passengers waited patiently as it cleverly fooled us time and again into believing that it was setting, each time only to reappear full globe. It was, of course, the varying contours of the island over which it hung that produced the illusion. It held us captive with little distraction, but to occasionally check our phones for photos. We are yet the age of technology. But when the fiery planet finally reached its minutes of glory, technology fell away. For those few cherished moments we stood together, friends and strangers, silently, reverently witnessing a tangerine filled horizon, a cantaloupe speckled sea, a brilliant, devinely executed orange sunset;
the staggering end to a light-long summer day.

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