Remember You Do

I remember June

a dual sunrise morning with phosphorescent lightning clouds of striking orange hue
Skipping through open meadows of drifty downy dandelion laughter

and yellow yolk of lazy daisy sun bleached petals

White and yellow piercing blue on summer afternoons

love me
love me not
love me do

I remember June

Softly swaying woven hemp of Navy issue hammock rest
while reading what we shared between us
Lapsing into slacken nap before the supper guest
June bug clinging tightly to the glowing screen for loving Auntie June
Fireflies illuminating the night air like tiny lighthouses everywhere
I remember the color of your eyes if we’ve spoken just a word or two
it’s true
a quirk in my memory or perhaps on that spectrum like we’re still forbidden to mention who
Your name I may forget but never the color of your eyes and never ever You
remember you
forget you not
remember You always
Love You Do

In response to writing prompt, “I Remember”.

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