Surely life is a test unplanned, a risk, an adventure, hardly bland
its tail has spun her rapidly round and round
inside out topsy-turvy upside down
words of wisdom
on well-planned path
is where they say
she should always try to stay
how boring
is how she accounted this to me
turn this corner
over that hill
around the bend
unknown pleasures, perils call to she
curiosity it seems
tempts her away
at every turn
she walks and wanders
put asunder led astray
lost again yet she finds her way
wades rivulets of crystal mountain stream
she scaled the ledge
ascended to summit high as a dream
cathartic tears of sorrow, joy at the top
as she trembled near the edge
Yet, she’s traveled so far she will not stop
forsaking her compass
she romps through the sand
swims aqua blue oceans


Free of the land

compass lost, forging forward, spell is cast

risk inherent in moments as they pass
no desire for mundane mapped out ground
lost has indeed been the way
for her to be to be found

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