With Serendipity

Trying to crank out some words.
Words to describe my thoughts.
Thoughts that depict my feelings.
Feelings which I hope to remember.
About a Saturday in April.

The second Saturday, the fourteenth day, the very first day of spring-like weather; long awaited, short in presence, it was a very fine day indeed. It was far better than fine.

I’m not going to divulge which birthday it was, but it was mine. I will say that I’m surprised and pleased to have passed another milestone along the way. There have been moments, more than a few when I’ve questioned just how long I may be destined for this earth. During some of those fretful, frightful times, quite frankly, I didn’t think I’d make it through, or if I wanted to. Yet, here I am, scribbling a story about an indescribable day years later. There I was, two days ago on my birthday. Who’d have guessed? Certainly not I…

It was sunny, the sort of sunny that sets a glimmer and sparkle to everything it touches. The kind which shimmers off the water and ricochets off any surface back again so you are glad for the squint in your eye. And warm, finally, warm. You see, winter here was dreary, spring cold and drab, but Saturday, Saturday was grand. The wind blew gently out of the Northwest, just perfectly setting a bit of piping to the tips of the tiny waves on the salt pond.

But there was no lingering to be done. I was to meet my friend Charlie for a planned day in Newport to view the daffodils in bloom and hike at Sachuest Point, maybe taking in a spotting of the Snowy Owls before dinner.

Charlie called and was going to be over an hour late. I was ready and (even at this age) of an impatient nature. I headed over the first bridge with no particular plan, to Jamestown and asked him to meet me there. As I drove along a gorgeous stretch of country road situated between two salt marshes I happened to see out of the corner of my eye, an Osprey sitting atop a perch which had been built adjacent to a nest. There were two, one in the nest as well. The expectant parents were so active in preparing their nest it just couldn’t be missed. I stopped the car. What luck! After admiring one of them take flight and land a couple of times I ran for my camera. I snapped a few shots, daring to line some up with the bridge.
Charlie arrived, we did our first real photo shoot together even though we’ve been friends for some time. Eventually, the Ospreys became bored with us and flew off to go fishing. Upon returning to our cars, we found a well-hidden hiking trail that we wondered how anyone could find if they weren’t in that specific spot looking at birds or the bridge. We hiked into it and explored, taking his young, spirited, laughter-inducing dog, Harry.

Before we knew it our plan was abandoned, we spent the day on a couple more previously unexplored hiking trails, picnicking, happening upon a fast-paced, exciting small sailboat race at Fort Adams, thoroughly relaxing and yes, we did manage to see a few daffodils.

It was a fabulous, spectacular birthday for me because I love being outdoors, I’ve been working on letting things go for longer than I care to tell you, Charlie and I had such a lovely time shooting photos, picnicking, hiking, watching sailboats and laughing at Harry that I will long remember it as an extraordinarily special day. It was good that Charlie was late. It provided us both with experiences we’d have otherwise missed.

We’d have enjoyed the day regardless but with serendipity,

Saturday, Saturday was grand.

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