Tendency To Disrupt

Always abrupt
was the teacher’s manner
when reporting Jacks
tendencies to frequently disrupt.
Jack, she said, was one on whom
she was about to give up.
Oh, No, not again. Said Shelly, Jacks Mom.
That damn kid never listens, chimed in his old Pop.
What’s to be done, what shall we do?
We’re at our wit’s end
it’s dropped, the other shoe.
The teacher now feeling remorse and some guilt
Thought of a plan for Jack, Mom, and Pop.
Described it in detail and on how it could be built.
Jack’s a great kid, full of energy, humor, and fun
Smart as a whip, but he can’t sit still for two minutes or even one
We’ll give him frequent, more challenging work
get him out of his seat, he can help other kids
give lots of praise so he’ll learn and also won’t drive us all berserk!

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