Radiant Point

A single stream of cosmic dust appears as I lay on my pillow resting my head
thinking again of you to the North.
The deep soft darkness a perfection in contrast to their
The planets
the stars
the brightest shimmer among them,

Your star.

Repose comes easy
the comfort of knowing that you are there,

lightest of light

on darkest of dark

assuring my soul that yours and mine share an infinite eternal connection.

The entire universe sings it’s song of love to the concerto written in your name.

Fairy dust notes spelled

spilled out of the sky gently falling on my ears

my hair
my eyes
my heart

my soul.

Your name Your Heart Your Soul.

Magical meteor moment of wonder Radiant Point unknown

leads toward the light

to the North

to you

my love

my star

my song.

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