No Faceless Rally

The website asked me to say something about the photos that I posted. I’ll just say that I went to the March For Our Lives event at the R.I. State House today with no idea of what I may find there. It was a first for me. I knew there would be many people. I was cautioned through online resources about the possibility of counter protesters and how to handle such a situation. But I really didn’t KNOW as in having experienced it before. There weren’t any counter protesters to my knowledge. What I found there were everyday folks. What surprised me was the age range in attendance at this rally. As you can see by my photos, every age was represented, from brand new infant to the very aged. That alone would have been inspiration enough to impress any skeptic. The students who chose to speak were exemplary.

So, Facebook, I can say that I’m thrilled that I went to that rally. The faces and the voices were what touched me. Not a soul who was there remained faceless. Not a body remained voiceless. They carried their powerful signs but their resolve could be read on their faces. Their voices could be heard by looking into their eyes and seeing that they meant what they said and they aren’t giving up until they get what they came for.

Those people made me feel damn proud, every one of them, every age, gender and color and creed. The student speakers were motivational, inspiring and filled with enthhsiasm. The whole lot of that crowd, thousands of them, every marcher there, each rallying voice inspired me to want to do more and do better for this cause: the continued cry to ban assault weapons in our country; keep our children safe in schools and to keep ourselves and all who matter to us safe in life.


Photo Creds: Nbwildephotography

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