The Invisible Season

Invisible is this Spring

In the third week of March on the second day in,

no sign of it happening

Snow, sleet, rain, high wind twirl and swirl, create a whirl

Dance over untamed blackened seas of heavy chop unkind, now opaque beautiful curl

Nor’easters count them. Yes, that’s four.

in three weeks time, how dour.

Schools, businesses, stores are closing.

But life goes on I am supposing.

Please sunshine come to melt away this March of madness here today.

Bring this invisible thing you’re hiding under snowbank frozen, iced glaze gliding.

Make appear the grass so green

Trees with buds plump, red, yellow, blossoms glean

Wildflowers as we pass the field

Tended garden, composition scene

Farmer’s north forty to plow

plant the seeds, so we can sow.

Spring, you elusive, flirting season

Come home to us. Bring summer with you.

No patience for your stubborn wintery woe.

There just isn’t a single reason

for you to remain

the invisible season.

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