Decoy For A Wrinkle

Try as I did I could not get that wrinkle out. We had to leave and soon, so off we went, wrinkle and all. No one would notice it, I hoped as we drive over the bridge toward the annual company picnic. Even so, I couldn’t help feeling as though I surely must look like an unmade bed. But the sun was shining brilliantly in the sky, the air was crisp and clean and we were as ready as we could be for a day in the country with our new friends.

We arrived and found Jim, June and their seven kids joyfully celebrating while Jim grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob. Our five kids quickly joined in on the fun as did Bob and I. The kids grabbed a frisbee and away they ran. The dogs watched and sniffed then ran off and played as well.

It wasn’t until Bob bent over as he went to retrieve the frisbee for the tenth time that his pants ripped up the middle, straight up the back, showing us all his blue starred boxer shorts underneath. Woo hoo! We all hollered! Good thing Bob is a good natured sport. He took it all in stride. We laughed, ate, drank, and thoroughly enjoyed our day picnicking with his company and all of our new friends.

I love my newfound ability to create an effective decoy. And no one ever noticed that big bad, tenacious wrinkle on the front of my own blouse. 😉

Oh, of course I love Bob and all of the kids too!

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