Suddenly! A Bike, A Flower, A Bee, And A Beach

September, 2017

I’d like to complain that it was too cold out, summer was drawing to a rapid close and gas prices were skyrocketing, but


look at this flower and was going on inside it.

The sun was shining through a dry, crisp air. It was suddenly September.

My legs worked well enough to pedal me there and back without the use of gas from those poor folks in Texas. 

What they were suffering was the first level of hell.

It sometimes takes an event as monumental as that to cause one to reflect on one’s own good fortune.

I’m never far from knowing that “There, but for the sake of God, go I”, but these act of God reminders are stark.

On that sparkling first September day my companion, Cameron McMonocle stunned me once again with his keen eye for detail. To think that I almost left him at home.
I found and was able to afford food, drink and a pleasant surprise in a rare local garden I’d previously thought was highly overrated. As well, my spontaneous decision to explore a road less travelled revealed a peaceful, hidden seaside oasis tucked away in a corner that on this day, resembled paradise.
Local, friendly folks readily greeted me with a kind hello and wished me well with broad, genuine smiles and outstretched hands.
I pedaled, I rested, I walked, I waded in the gentle water. I contemplated.

This was one of those rare late summer days that was so simply refreshing that the whole ride home I felt like a schoolgirl. The still wet behind the ears, “fancy Nancy ants in your pantsy” girl, with a crush on the most handsome boy who just told her he had the same crush and offered to carry her books home for her.❤

How utterly freeing is that?
So complain?
Not today.

Lotus with buzzing bees

Written spontaneously in September, 2017 after a local bike ride along the scenic Rt. 1A in Washington County, Rhode Island .

Posted in response to WordPress daily post word promp, suddenly.

Photo Creds: wilde.woven.words

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