The Wonder Of Change


It seems we New Englander’s maintain a love/hate relationship with our weather. It sure has its ups and downs. We take the good with the bad. More of the good. We grumble, we rejoice. We plan, we cancel. We go ahead with our plans anyway. A little rain never killed anyone. Right? We love our sunshine, our mountains, forests, and rivers, hills and valleys, lakes and oceans. Many of us love even the snow! And yes, we love the outdoors. Some love it in summer, others in spring, others prefer fall, a few love to be outside in seasons all. Whatever our preference, there is a reason we stay here in New England. Perhaps it’s that warm, cozy fire with a good book in winter, or your favorite soup recipe to heat your insides. Maybe you’re blessed enough to have one to cuddle with on those cold, blustery nights. Come spring, you may love to til the soil, plant your garden, observe fresh new life coming forth in the flowers. Summer brings out the best in us. Kids are fancy free, we hit the trails, the beaches, the parks, museums, we gather together for holidays filled with hot dogs, Apple pie, parades, swimming holes, friends and family. Fall brings another kind of remembrance, a different flavor to our lives.

Whatever your reason, if you’re still here, you more than likely have felt a bit off put by the brutal weather of the past couple of weeks. I hope these few photos of the first Forsythia blooms and nature contemplating awakening at least bring a bit of hope that indeed, Spring is on the way.

Inevitably, our seasons bring the wonder of change.

Forsythia in bloom morning following snowfall in South Kingstown, RI. 3.8.18

Snowy Owl in moment of respite. Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge.  Middletown, RI. 3.9.18

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photo creds: wilde.woven.words

5 thoughts on “The Wonder Of Change

  1. I do miss the snow, especially cross-country skiing. Moved to Florida from Woodstock, New York. But, don’t miss snow shoveling or driving to work, on icy roads. Your pics are beautiful!!!! A delightful post! 🙂


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