Luckiest Girl

Nostalgia’s really not my thing
It brings a certain melancholy ring
Craving a time gone past in my life
was no small part of my yarn unraveling
frozen in time
tightly clinging
locked in a place
walking the line while restlessly sleeping.

Memory of wanting to be forever a Mom

to one little boy named Jeff so peacefully calm

Boys are my favorite, this boy was grand.
Fair was his hair, strawberry blond
whisps through my fingertips
pure love in each strand.

His laughter was heaven
How we’d play!
Luckiest girl to ever have lived I would say
Blessed more than ever
I couldn’t have planned

The whole world rested in my hand


Memories of Dad, man of few who were made
Mom so peristent I was relieved when I caved
Sisters four, secrets, fun everlasting
Brothers two, make me proud of who’s who
Girlfriends who share every fantastical idea
of boyfriends who made me glad I was here😉
Husband Oh him, the good with the bad
ups and downs, more ups we had
Cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces
Misty nostalgia breaks me to pieces

Remembering there was a time
all of my life, if I must rhyme
when everywhere I ever wanted to be
was with my family, near to the sea
Close too its edge, the surf and sand
Thunderous crashes of wave against land
because edges are like the lady once said,
I’ve too many sharp ones
quick off my tongue, drawn from my head

Nostalgia’s a dangerous double edged sword
Some memories dreamlike seducing me toward
Others claw at my soul through the night
dementia for these a welcome sight
Enough of them over and over I’ve poured

Yarn almost rolled up in a ball
Living the moment, gratitude, future forward
Song of hope
I hear its call.

In response to writing group prompt “I remember”


WordPress daily prompt “<a href="Wonder“>wonder

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