The Immortal Jellyfish or My Imaginary Life


Would you choose to live forever?

The immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis nutricula), has a regeneration process unknown in any other living thing on earth. It has the unique ability to reverse in age once it has reached maturity and revert to its infancy state. The process is called transdifferentiation. If you’ll allow, I’ll note an interesting fact or two: Miraculously, it allows muscle cells to turn into egg cells and sperm cells; nerve cells into muscle cells. When the aging process is complete, reproduction accomplished, aging reverses until it reaches its infancy. Growth begins anew and the jellyfish starts to mature once again. It can only die if eaten by a predator, from injury or disease. It’s very tiny despite its immortal superpowers, at only 2.5 cm long. Having traveled far and wide in the ballasts of cargo ships, it has cleverly adapted to differing environments. Several varieties have evolved; those living in tropical climates have eight tentacles and those in cooler waters have twenty four.

What’s this got to do with the price of apples? You may ask.

Would you choose to have a life immortal, several of them, if you could?

In my imaginary life, I choose more than one. There’s no one person I’ve ever desired to be more than a far better me. This is MY imagination, however, so I’d choose immortality eight days a week and this is what I’d choose to be.

I’d have begun as the immortal jelly fish in life number one…

Next I’d choose to be a soaring bird such as the snowy owl. I’d glide and soar high above the earth in the blue, wild skies, ears keenly tuned for the sound of a lemming burrowing beneath pure white arctic snow. I’d rest peacfully on a pristine, floating glacial flow. Camouflage of perfect match. How could nature ever know? Second in these infinite lives is where this choice, in my next life, I will go.

Third I’d be an Orca Whale swimming in aqua seas. Skim crests of undulating waves with oceans of freedom for my all of my family, friends and me. Eternal laugh, chirp and jump, circle back, round again through water’s clear as crystal aquamarine. Sunshine radiating through, green and blue of every hue. See the wonders of this aquailine earth of quarters three. Yes, a long, simple life in the water, is where my imagination takes me. Life number three in the deep blue sea.

Perhaps next I’d be an African Lion, King of the Jungle, an Apex Predator! On the plain, ruler of all, to none a prey. Yes, Master of all which I survey is the choice I would make on that very first day. Day number one of life number four in my imaginary breakaway.

Human being, human kind is where I wander next in my mind. Up the food chain, if you follow. Where to begin? Life complication, never shallow. War, sickness, starvation, devastation, nuclear apocolyptic, bombation. Devisive politics, global self righteous designation. Day number one of life number five. Yikes! No time for procrastination.

I’ll fix every problem, wiggle my nose. Rub magic lamps, snap my fingers, walk through fire, comfort the sick, bring everlasting peace, chase away all of your woes.

Send negative influence all to damnation.

Cure all disease, abolish all pain. Just as before with those two garden dwellers, nervana again. I’ll start tomorrow, work through the day, rest when I need to, hit the hay. Begin morning after, for this is my way. And when this life is through, when humans can rest, breath easy, shake hands, wish all brethren their best, I’ll go back and start over with life number six.

But I’m thoroughly wiped out from life number five. I need to nap now. Do you do that Mr. Jellyfish Eternal while you’re forever alive?

Life number six, now that everything’s fixed:  

I’ll come back as a different sort of a creature. I’ll try them all out, live through each life cycle and back again until I decided which one I love best. After that I’ll try out the moons and the galaxies and stars. In my imaginary life I’ll never tire. Enthusiasm will burst at the seams like mountain springs. Hope will be as eternal as each life before me. Every life will bring lessons to be learned, eyes with which to see the new world, a deeper, wider understanding of the magic of the universe.

Would I choose to be immortal? With all of the worlds to explore, learn of and experience? Yes. Yes.

An infinite number of times,


What then, would you choose, if you knew for a fact that in your imagination, you never can lose?

In response to weekly writing group prompt, “My Imaginary Life”


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