V Formation

You know that fabric with the slimy feel

the one that makes you think of an eel

or the inside of a banana peel

Well my mudruckers felt like this today

after a couple of hours outdoors photographing Narragansett Bay

My clothes and hair were in wild disarray

as through the rock, shale, mud and sand I made my way

My mind was lost in process, gone astray

when all of a sudden 

a flock of geese appeared in the sky so gray

A perfect V formation 

I looked up to admire their spectacular display

That’s when it hit me

square between the eyes 😝

Royal Canadian Goose Poop

to my shockingly bitter disgust and dismay  😣 

WordPress Daily Post Prompt: fabric

a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/fabric/”>Fabric</a&gt;

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