Not Your Typical Girly Girl

Never your typical girly girl

this one did her family proud

by eating spinach and only when

necessary, speaking loud

Always standing up for herself or others

either alone or in a crowd

At sports with the boys and fights from the start, she would win

Her son, husband and siblings too, on her they could count again and again 

to fight a battle, be it over a  molehill or a mountain

This vinegared, peppery, spitfire  girl

This sweet faced, brown haired,  dark eyed, smiling pearl

with one swift giggle, dash and a  whirl

would steal your heart from it’s  place in your world 

But if you ever dared to hurt her  family 

you’d have discovered you’d made  an enormous mistake 

You’d have made a colossal,  regretable error of calamity.

For this resolute girl of resilience,  fortitude and conviction

Will break you down till you cry to  your Uncle

She’ll take you to task over your dereliction 

You’ll surrender into mere  submission

Offer thoughts and words of sincere contrition 

and never again bother her family, take back what you did, make everything right again

And when you’ve finished making your amends

Bid this not so typical brown eyed girl

a very humble, fond valediction.
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