Perfect Riley

Riley arrived yesterday.

North, northeast winds were high, almost hurricane force here at the ocean. Trees were felled. Power lines downed. At least one local life was lost when a gentleman was standing on his lawn gazing at the storm and a tree landed on him. Many households lost power and are still waiting for it’s return. It was, in a variety of ways, messy.

 With exception of the loss of life, I prefer to see these Nor’easters as perfect. The sheer power of nature that they display takes my breath away. I stand in awe of it. It deserves my greatest respect and my deepest gratitude, for it humbles me. One cannot look upon sights such as these and listen to the North wind fiercly blowing as the sound of the ocean’s fury rages against our man-made attempts at controlling it without being reminded that we are indeed, only human.

The Towers, Narragansett Rhode Island at High Tide 2.3.18

Ocean Rd. Narragansett – Salty Ride

Up and over


Ocean Rd. Seawall – Popover!

Oceanfront Condos in backdrop

Monahan’s aka State Pier No. 5

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