A Strong Premonition

Tyler had a strong premonition

Much keener than a mere suspicion

About the highly skilled electrician

Who’d spliced and wired the connections

of his elaborate new addition

Tyler, not being one of superstition

had a calm, good natured disposition.

Tyler kept his premonition

close to the the vest,

thought nothing would come of it,

kept hoping and wishin’

Mr. Moore, the master electrical technician

arrived early for work one morning

prepped and ready, full of the day’s ambition.

Another day as usual

wiring, splicing, expertly, like a magician.

Suddenly, a leak of a silent toxic, flammable emmision.

Spark, pop, flame to the sky!

Mr. Moore, now in a perilous position.

Fear not, dear reader.

Mr. Moore, a superpower capable of swift expedition,

danced and rallied to a spot of juxtaposition.

No need to call for emergency physician.

Mr. Moore is in prime time condition

to continue on

with his illustrious career

until he retires early,

at which time

he plans to thoroughly enjoy swimming, kayaking and plenty of fishin’.

🏊 🎣 😎

WordPress Daily Post Prompt: Premonition
a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/premonition/”>Premonition

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