Please Mr. Trump, You Go First

 “Please, Mr. Trump, You Go First”

What then on earth do you say to these fragile children who you bring home at the end of child care, nursery school or kindergarten?

Active shooter drills have been held in schools since Columbine in 1999. Children as young as three, four and five year olds are alarmed by a specific siren over the school’s speaker system that an “active shooter” is in the building. They then, with the guidance of their teachers, swiftly gather, huddle and hide in a dark closet. If ever there was a message to tell small children that, “Yes, Love, there is a BoogeyMan.”, this is that statement.

In times of fear as a small child, my Mom would calm me by telling me that there is no such thing as the BoogeyMan, it was just my imagination.


What do you say to little children, barely past toddlerhood, about the BoogeyMan? Do you tell them the BoogeyMan only goes to school? What would you say to them about their teacher with a gun to help them do their job? The job of teaching them how to share, always take turns and be kind to others? Do you tell them we need to all have our guns in case the BoogeyMan really does show up in their classroom one day? What do we tell these preschoolers to do if the teacher gets hit by the gunman and they are left alone in that classroom to witness the carnage or die by his bullets? Most children this age wouldn’t know if the teacher had a gun, but kids not much older certainly would. What, exactly, do we say to our children?

Donald Trump had the audacity to say, on camera, that he “would have run into the school (Marjory Stoneman Douglas High) even without a weapon.”

Really, Mr. President? Why, then don’t you give up your day job (amateur golf) and volunteer as an unarmed school guard in the school most likely to get hit next. Why don’t you, with your courageous pen, abolish the law that keeps you and your entire family heavily insulated from the real world with military style, highly trained Secret Security. You look and sound just physically fit enough to do it, young, viril athlete that you are. Your track record regarding all things courageous, i.e. high military honors, proves that you hold enough testicular fortitude to face down a machine gun wielding, crazed gunman intent on mass murder. We need more tough guys like you taking chase through the halls of our teaching institutions. What a dazzling ray of hope you offer, a shining example for our schoolchildren to follow.

Or, you can remove your lips from the ass of the NRA, non politician that you are, and propose legislation to ban all assault weapons with a mandatory countrywide buyback plan a.s.a.p. You could open your narrow, greedy mind and listen to the voice of reason, the voice of the open minded young who attend the schools that we fund, (not the NRA) who have, since entering school on day one had to endure “active shooter” drills because as long as you, we, remain complacent in this matter, there really is a BoogeyMan.

Because it’s not only the schools, it’s our churches, music concerts, shopping malls, athletic events, parking lots, convenience stores, big marts and airports (yup, airports). It’s everywhere we want to be, everywhere we want to go and everyone we want to be with.

“Concealed carry”, Mr. President, against a surprise attack by an superenergized gunman armed with an arsenal of weaponry fit for an infantry, that he’s planned for months or years?

Please, Mr. President, you go first.

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