No Shuffle No Compromise 

I wanted to turn my head and ignore it. The news that I silently read on my phone. Continue on undisturbed with our hiking trip. A gunman, Florida, a high school, seventeen dead. But, no, I thought,

This should make you cry.

This should make you cry.

This should make you cry.

And why didn’t it? Why did I even question it? The sad truth; I’ve become slightly numbed to it. There have been so many mass murders at the hands of assault weapon armed gunmen that it just makes you not want to feel the enormity of it. The weight, the burden of it can cause a droop in your shoulders, a shuffle in your step, make you hang your head. Make you cry. 

I didn’t ignore it. I made that snap decision and told my hiking partner about it, at the risk of what? Casting a pall over a couple of days of hiking? Making me cry? Yes. 

We turned on the T.V. and watched the news, the horrifying images. Took on the burden, as well we should. No compromise was necessary. We agreed fully that these assault weapons need be done away with.

The matter is urgent.

I will write and vote and march.

These boots were made for walkin’. 

For the first time ever in my life I will join in a rally and take a stand publicly for the passage of countywide law to ban assault weapons and  buyback implementation.

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