Present Moment

A simply perfect Sunday afternoon is what today offered at the Newport Beach Polo.  There is an excitement about all things equestrian which brings me back to my childhood and my strong desire to become a horsewoman. After the games I made my way around to the trailers where some of the trainers were cooling the horses down, walking them in their laps. The scent of the beast and all of it’s accoutrements was enough to make me yearn for another life. A longer life or to start this one over with another ninety to one hundred years when I’m finished with these ninety to one hundred years, if I’m fortunate enough to finish them. 

There are so many things that I want to experience and spend half a lifetime doing. I want to be a horsewoman. I want to ride horses, groom them, water and feed them, but most of all I want to love them, these huge, beautiful gifts of God with eyes of soulful wonder. I want to live amoung them. I desire more years of youth with which to do this. A new, fresh start. It’s not that I regret my life as it’s been up to the present. It’s only that there is so much more to do and so little time with which to do it.

My choice then, is to have no regrets, continue to live in the present moment with the hope that I may one day be offered a life beyond this life. A new life once again and one more after that and another when that one is finished. 

Life is indeed short. Live in the moment. The present day is all we have, but always look toward the future.

Who’s to say? Perhaps I’ll be a horsewoman in my next life, in my next youth, in my next dream.

One can always dream.🤗

Photo copyrights nbWildephotography 

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