Wherever It Leads

How dare you insist?

I will not go

Shalt not move away

The coast, the ocean

is my first love

It is where

I always will stay.



to be easily dismissed

Sales technique,

qualities of which

he resorted to enlist

Spoke of lovely desert colors and darkest starlight night

Mountain range in distant sight
And I, my love, adore you 

always and forever more

even in your state of fright.


To herself she now wished

Oh! Please stop

Too clever a ploy

Ever the egotist

Was this handsome grown up boy.


As she gazed at him

through her smitten bleary eyed mist

Finding her resolve weakening unable to resist

Answers please

more desperately

she searched for a list


Now being one of stubborn nature

She sort of became a little bit pissed

In her mind

She threatened and hissed

I’ll fight to the end with my imaginary fist.


Smiling warmly

he tarried longer 

gentle hand

tenderly resting on her wrist

Holding tiny black box

In desert, said he

Seldom need for big coat hats

mittens and

thick woolen socks.

Sunshine dry air 

Warm days cool nights

He voiced, 

In hopes to move her with this catalyst

Me, dearest lady, all the days of our lives.


This opportunity for love

All the days of my life?

Was her thought

And next came the question

How could she  not?

With that came the realization 

That he’d be forever more

too sorely missed.


A truce was called in her mind

as the music played of violinist

Her heart surrendered to iron will

While chimed in

the fingers of

talented harpest

Aloud now in word

She proclaimed as they kissed 

Stubbornness now will

cease and desist. 

All will be well

Oceans remain

Wherever it leads I must follow this.

Wherever real and true love exists.

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