Funnel Our Energy

“Go outside and play.”

We didn’t have to be told twice. Our energy needed to be funneled and being outdoors was undeniably fun. Unless it was raining, mealtime, school/homework time or the street lights came on we were outdoors. Even in frigid temperatures. 

If we’d stayed indoors, we would have been either reading or sick. But in my experience, reading was for bedtime. You would never waste daylight indoors reading, especially in summer when you could read outdoors!

We didn’t have apps such as the one I’m writing this essay on or the one you’re reading it on. 

We got our exercise and we funneled our energy and perhaps some of our emotions into the fresh air and Mother Earth. We didn’t have Vitamin D pills to keep our bones healthy and emoticons like these👍😉 to express our emotions. We went outdoors. Excersice, BTW was something that a man called Jack LaLane did. He was on T.V. We watched T.V. on Saturday mornings while Mom slept late, say until about 8 a.m. Then is was time to “Go outside and play.” 

And we did. And now, decades (and decades) later I can’t seem to get it out of my system. And so I do. 

Even in frigid temperatures.

I wonder what my Mom would say? Probably, “Get your crazy ass in this house right this minute. It’s too cold to be out there!” Now that she’d be finished with all of the demands of being a housewife Mom to seven active (okay hyperactive) kids.

Anyway, the damage is done, so too bad Mom. And thank you.

I go outside and play.

Many of you inspire me me with your posts of your incredible spirit during these past couple of weeks. Even though I know you love summer, as do I, you persevere because you are New Englanders and New Englanders are one tough crew!

Over the past several days I have been challenged beyond what I care to admit to stay motivated. This recordbreaking cold snap has been relentless. The warm comfort of my sofa, a good book, a movie, spending extra time in the kitchen, a meal or a cocktail with friends are so much more inviting than moving myself out of doors to refresh my body and my spirit. 

“Movement is the medicine”, is my motto because I must move to stay healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually. Sitting still for days is the worst thing I can do. The gym isn’t my thing. So out of doors I step. Or to the pool.  I must move and keep moving.

On my walk again today I found the snow here in Narragansett, RI still clean and white. Folks were few and far between, but friendly as all get out, exclaiming, “Beautiful day for a walk!” 

Gotta love a beach lover! 

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