Curiosity it seems 

Tempts me sometimes far away

At every turn

I walk and wander

Put asunder 

Led astray

Lost again

I find my way

The here and now

Is where they say

I should always try to stay

How boring

Says my ADD

Turn that corner 

Over this hill

Around the bend

Unknown pleasures call to me

Tossed my compass

Ran through the sand

Found the ocean

Getting lost is truly grand

Threw my compass

Walked through the grass

Found the forest

Green heavens alas!

Quit my compass

Waded through stream

At foot of mountain 

As tall as a dream

No to compass

Climbed the ledge

Stood at the top

Walked to the edge

Lost my compass

Turned round and round

Getting lost

Is the best way I know

For me to be to be found


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