The Voyage of The Mighty Cutter

Self assured over tranquil seas 

All who know me sing praise and please

Confidently I sail along

My hand upon the rudder

Crew and passengers alike
Pack your bags, bring your dreams
I’m the master of our fate

All aboard my Mighty Cutter!

I prove to all my unrivaled worth
Commanding the perfect voyage
Vaingloriously I sail forth

The oceans obey, falling into order.

Oh no!
Headwinds blow
Waves are crashing over bow
A driving rain
In plan a crimp, a royal pain
What is going on below?
Could we surely be in for it now?
Hell no we won’t go.

Easy peasy, like cutting butter.

Rebellious waters chase and churn
Stomachs on board
begin to turn
Upside down
Flipside up
My master plan now all fubbed duck.

Wait What
I’m in charge, in full control
Don’t you, the whole world see and know?
I know how to go with the flow.

I swear and shout and sputter.
I fumble, trip, holler and stutter

My hand has lost that stinkin’ rudder.

But I and my ship are greater than
that which created the eldest elm.
Might I lose my almighty realm?

I think, I mumble, I utter.

Sinking now are I and them
Aside ill fated cutter
Our future looking very grim

Heartbeat but a weakened flutter

Oh Hark!

A light, a ship, a saving grace
Igniting sparks of hope ablaze
Heroes through a blurry haze

Heave us from the dreadful water.

Rescue song of saving psalm
Medicine of nature’s balm

Reminscent once again
Here before, I have been

Overcome and overwhelmed
The only one in full control 

Is the one who’s hand is
at the Helm.



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